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Slenderman And Minecraft

I started playing on a new server a couple days ago.  It’s a server that allows griefing,  murder, and theft.  It really changes the game a little when you know that everybody else in the game is probably going to kill your and take your stuff.  It’s still quite a bit of fun though, and I had ensured that my base is pretty well hidden, and that everything of value is hidden even more.

Unfortunately, it connected to a natural cave system.  Today, I see that a door was open, and there was a stack of 64 stone laying out.  Not cobblestone which I may have dropped, but normal stone.  Since I haven’t made any stone, this means that I have been discovered.  After checking my stashes, I see that everything important is still there.  So now it’s time to move.  I haven’t done that much, so it’ won’t be that difficult to move.  I find a few abandoned buildings, a small farm, and a portal to the Nether.  I figure what the hell, and hop through.  I do some scouting, grab some netherack, and hop back, to a completely different portal.  So now I’m completely lost.  It’s not that bad though, since I already wanted to move, but damnit, I had a bunch of iron, gold, and diamonds back at my old base.  I can’t leave them.  I could always just kill myself and respawn at my bed, but then I would lose all my loot.  So…

After about an hour of wandering around in aimless circles, I finally find my base.   This time, I’m going to write down the coordinates before I start wandering…

My little Minecraft adventure aside, I also made Slenderman skin, and if you want it, you can download it here:

Feel free to use it.  I’ve had a few people tell me that its a little freaky watching Slenderman staring at you from between the trees, even if he is made out of blocks.