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So the elections are finally over.

I would first like to commend Congressman Todd Akin, who, thanks to his idiotic remarks has cemented a victory for his Democrat opponent. Way to help out your party there champ.

Any time a guy opens his mouth about rape, you are automatically wrong and whatever you say will make you sound dumb. I’m looking at you this time, Mourdock. From now on, the only thing that I want to hear from any Republicans on the subject of rape, is that it’s more difficult to rape an armed woman.  Anything else you say will be viewed as an attack on women, so find something better to say.   Personally, I would probably point out how the heroes of the Democratic party are terrible when it comes to women. Clinton used the Oval Office to get laid and is quite possibly a rapist himself, JFK was just as bad, and his younger brother killed a girl thanks to his drunk driving, and then failed to call the cops for nine hours while he sobered up. I would maybe stress that you have no ill will towards women and are only looking out for the lives of unborn children, and reaffirm that their heroes have little regard for women.

When it comes to minorities, I would remind them that until the New Deal, almost all African American’s in Congress were Republicans, while all the racists and segregationists were Democrats. Make sure that people understand that you want everybody to be productive members of society. You want them to have jobs, work hard, make money, and live in ghettos with their votes paid for by welfare checks.

The same goes for immigrants. Make sure that they know that you want immigrants, but that they should be legal immigrants. Then go over your plan to make legal immigration into the country easier. Make sure again, that the people know that you want these people to be able to get jobs, an education, and all the other benefits of being a citizen. Unlike the Democrats who seem fine with you being an “undocumented worker”, living in a motel room with twenty of your friends, doing manual labor for less than minimum wage.

Lastly, I would see what you can do about getting rid of people like Rick Santorum and Paul Broun. Don’t get me wrong, I think the Bible isn’t all that bad, and Christianity can be a great thing, but these people are scary. There is no way that you will attract the votes of moderates with people like this vomiting forth quotes from a book they don’t understand while talking about subjects that they, also, don’t understand.

Maybe if you do all of this, when the next election comes around, I’ll think about registering as a Republican again, but until then, I’m leaving the party and heading for a better one.

I also want to add, this for all the people complaining about the electoral college without knowing how and why are election system is set up the way it is.

The House was to represent us, which is why there are 435 members distributed among the various states. More populous states get more representatives than less populous. These people are supposed to represent you, the citizen, in our federal government. They have shorter terms so that they stay more in touch with their constituents, having to answer for their actions more frequently in elections.

Next is the Senate, there are 100 members, two per state. Originally, they were appointed by the state government and were designed to represent the states themselves, not you the citizen. You were originally not supposed to vote for them. The Constitution states that they are to be elected by the legislatures of the states. We screwed this up with the 17th amendment, and now citizens think that they are supposed to represent them as well while the states lose their representation. I think we should fix this, but it will probably never be done.

The president is supposed to be the head of the government, again, not your direct representative. His election is designed as a combination of the methods of both house and senate. Popular vote in the states tells the appointed members of the Electoral College how to vote. There are 538 Electoral votes, one for each representative in congress, plus 3 for DC. The president was originally proposed to be appointed by Congress, much like a CEO is appointed by a Board of Directors. The “Virginia Rule” as it was called, was shot down as it was believed it would not create an independent executive leader as would be required.

So there you know why our electoral system is set up the way it is and can be more informed when the next set of elections rolls around, and hopefully, I won’t hear the same stupid complaints again.