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Suzy’s Notebook – The Slender Man

Little Suzy would spend hours sitting in the park, coloring in her little notebook. Then one day, little Suzy was gone, and all we ever found, was her notebook, filled with wondrous drawings…

I think I’m going to make a few of these with different monsters that little Suzy could have seen before she disappeared. This one was more or less a test, since a faceless man who wears all black is also pretty much the easiest thing to draw.

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  • Go mythological beasts… They rock…

    If you see the new god of war game you might get some inspiration, really cool ones there

  • J W.

    Hmm, maybe a creature like the Grey Jack from Resistance: Fall of Man, or the mythical Banshee, or the Banshee from Mass Effect 3? You could also try something like The Rake, which is, from what I’ve heard, a harbinger of Slendy

  • Evil unicorns!