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Slender Man 3D

3D Slender Man

I was bored, and I watched a tutorial at work on how to do this, so I converted a picture of Slender Man to 3D. At least, I hope I did…

I don’t actually own any of Red/Cyan 3D glasses, so I don’t actually know how this turned out. Anybody out there that has a pair able to tell me how I did?

The scene from Jurassic Park that could have been

Eldritch Park Jurassic Park 3D was amazing, and the movie still stands as having some of the best special effects I have ever seen. Even on an Imax screen, there were barely any issues with it. I really wish that modern movie makers would look back at what they used to make and see how awesome what they are making now could be. There is one thing I would think about changing though…

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Whatever happened to monster movies?

What happened to monster movies? Specifically, the “nature gone wrong” genre. ¬†Growing up, I had all kinds of movies about various parts of nature going crazy and eating everybody. ¬†Sure, some of them were pretty terrible, but they were still fun movies.

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