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Fingers burned into stone

Fingers burned into stone

I don’t know whose fingers those were, or how they got burnt into the stone like that, I’m just glad I keep the shotgun close to the bed…

Of course, I should probably get some silver shot or something…

St. Mary’s Cemetery

St. Marys Cemetery

After wandering around trying to play Ingress the other day, I decided to drop into St. Mary’s Cemetery until I finished my hot chocolate. Took this picture through the zombie proof grates that are along the base of Children’s Hospital.

I would like to also add, that if you are playing Ingress, you should double check the intel maps before wandering around, or you may wind up freezing your ass off in an area with no portals…


The girlfriend took quite a few pictures on our trip as well.  These two in particular are kind of neat.  The side windows on the mausoleum were broken out, and there was quite a bit of damage inside.  There was rubble strewn around and a large support beam had fallen down from the ceiling.  There’s a couple of “ghostly” images that show up when she tried taking pictures inside.  There’s no glass in the window, the sun was overhead, and there was no light coming from inside, so there isn’t anything to make any glare.

I can kind of see a face in there, is it just pareidolia or actual ghosts? You decide.

See the rest of her photos here

So I got a new camera

Girlfriend got me a camera as an early birthday present, and has decided to teach me photography.  She’s been doing photography for a while, and knows what she’s talking about, so she’s a good teacher.  For our first trip out, we went to the two big cemeteries in Pittsburgh since they are right down the street.  She is also insisting that I state how I have been bugging her to visit them for months.  When I was growing up, my family would get together and go to the local cemetery to ride bikes, so I have a lot of fond memories of them from my childhood.  

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