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Archives for : console wars

I’m probably done with consoles


I’ve been a console player for many years. Many, many years. Ever since I first sat down in front of my grandparents TV and saw their new Intellivision. I played on computers too, but after Doom II, I never really had a computer that could handle the more modern games of the time. I’ve since pretty much moved back to being a PC gamer. At this time, I’m not planning on buying any of the new consoles. They each have some advantages, but they also have a lot of drawbacks.

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What I want in a next gen console

Game SphereSony and Microsoft are both showing off their next gen consoles. Microsoft is taking a lot of heat for theirs, and rightly so. Charging people to play used or borrowed games, a camera that never turns off, and a requirement of being almost always online are all reasons for me not to buy one…

But what are reasons to buy a new console? Personally, I’m pretty much back to being a PC gamer, but there are some things that could draw me back to them. Consoles are nice after all. I’m not completely anti console, I just don’t like anything that I’ve seen about the new ones yet. What would make me interested you ask? Well…

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The Wii U isn’t doing that good

Wii U isn't doing too good Nintendo has made it their business to get everybody on the planet Earth to own a Wii. They’ve done this by doing a couple of things.

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