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David Icke stole my picture!

Jesse Venture is a Reptillian

Was googling Jesse Ventura for something different, and saw the above (terrible) shop job that I did a while ago. Only, it wasn’t showing on my page, no, it’s being used by David Icke on his page.

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Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura

The Discovery Channel has Mythbusters, where they look at various myths and see how plausible they may be using some science, History Channel has Ancient Aliens, where we see Giorgio Tsoukalos and friends make up science about ancient myths, and now that season three has started, we can tune in to TruTV to watch Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Venture, where we can watch an aging wrestler yell at things about myths and legends.

The first episode of the new season was all about the Reptilians. Who are the Reptilians you ask, why, they are only the shape changing super lizards from space that run our government, that’s all.

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