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Evilspeak – I watched it so you don’t have to


Evilspeak is a movie that shows what happens when you bully a computer nerd with access to ancient occult texts. It was also one of Anton LaVey’s favorite movies as he believed it was a good portrayal of Satanism. But mostly, Evilspeak is a bad movie.

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Cthulhu and Aquaman would not be friends

Cthulhu would hate Aquaman

Seconds later, Aquaman was devoured…

One thing that Aquaman forgot when he decided it was a good idea to start bossing around a Great Old One, is that Cthulhu is not an ocean creature.

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The Mark of the Beast

Every now and then, someone starts to complain about something stupid and call it the mark of the beast. First, let’s make sure we know what the mark actually is. For that, we have to turn to the Bible

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