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Archives for : DRM

EA sucks, and you only have yourself to blame

EA Sucks Last year, everybody agreed that EA was the worst company in America. They then blamed it all on homophobes and trolls, and went right back to doing what got them the award in the first place. Well guess what, it really is your fault that they are terrible.

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And another game lost to DRM

I used to really like this game. Sure, it was just a brick breaker game. You have your paddle, you swing it back and forth to keep the ball moving and breaking things, but it also had three different types of guns, power ups that would give the ball different destructive powers, many various maps with animated scenes to destroy, extra ball generators, teleporters, and guns. It was probably the best brick breaker game I had ever played. (I understand it isn’t saying much, but this game was awesome)

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