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Christmas is coming

Every year, as Christmas rolls around, Palladium Books makes me remember that I don’t have a steady gaming group by putting up their Christmas Grab Bag. Sure, it’s a great deal, and I can have the books autographed by the people who make them, and get all kinds of cool stuff to go with them, but since I never play anymore, I just can’t bring myself to spend the forty bucks to buy one. If you’re a gamer and have never played any of their games though, this is a great way to get started, you’re guaranteed to get at least $80 worth of stuff.

Speaking of RPG publishers that I used to like, what the hell happened to White Wolf? I will say that I never got into the new World of Darkness, but I did love their other games. I’m not even talking about Vampire: The Masquerade, I loved Hunter: The Reckoning, Demon: The Fallen, and even Mummy: The Resurrection. The video games that they put out were some of the best I’ve played too, in fact, I kinda want to bust out the Hunter games now. But those games are no more. I understand that sometimes you need to reboot everything. You can only talk about the end times for so long before you finally decide to end it. I don’t know if this decision had anything to do with it, or if they just decided to get out of the publishing business, but now their books are only available from Drive Thru RPG. At first, I was a little excited by this news. I remembered when I could buy out of print AD&D ebooks on Piazo for $2 a peice. I picked up a bunch of stuff that way, it was great. Not so with Drive Thru though. If I want to pick up the Vampire: The Masquerade handbook, it’ll set me back $17.99 (the current sale price) for a PDF, and if I want to get a print book, in color, like I would have been able to get off the shelf years ago, they’ll make one for me for only $94.99.

First off, it’s a book that’s been out of print since 2004. Why is a digital version of it so damn expensive? Even the novels look to be overpriced. It’s not like a physical book that you can run out of and then have to pay more to have them reprinted. You have effectively unlimited supply, you can only make money off of them, even if you price them at the ridiculously low amount of $2 a book. Are people actually buying these? I’d happily buy out their entire catalog if they were cheaper, but I know I won’t buy one book at the current prices…