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Gen Con’s Cowardice

gen con SB 101

Most of you have probably heard about SB 101, Indiana’s “Religious Freedom” bill, that would allow a business to discriminate against anybody they feel like just by saying Jesus told them to do it.

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I’m probably done with consoles


I’ve been a console player for many years. Many, many years. Ever since I first sat down in front of my grandparents TV and saw their new Intellivision. I played on computers too, but after Doom II, I never really had a computer that could handle the more modern games of the time. I’ve since pretty much moved back to being a PC gamer. At this time, I’m not planning on buying any of the new consoles. They each have some advantages, but they also have a lot of drawbacks.

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What I want in a next gen console

Game SphereSony and Microsoft are both showing off their next gen consoles. Microsoft is taking a lot of heat for theirs, and rightly so. Charging people to play used or borrowed games, a camera that never turns off, and a requirement of being almost always online are all reasons for me not to buy one…

But what are reasons to buy a new console? Personally, I’m pretty much back to being a PC gamer, but there are some things that could draw me back to them. Consoles are nice after all. I’m not completely anti console, I just don’t like anything that I’ve seen about the new ones yet. What would make me interested you ask? Well…

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Dino D-Day is on 75% off

Dino D-Day is an alternate reality WWII shooter that answers the questions, “What would happen if the Nazis had cloned dinosaurs?” It’s like Call of Duty mixed with Dinoriders. I love this game, and it’s 75% off, so you should go buy it and love it too.

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Slender Calibur V

Trying out some things to record gameplay, figured I’d also use this to show off my Slender Man.

Also looking for suggestions on a set up for recording from my Xbox and such.

The Lego games I’d like to see

LEGO_logoThere are a couple things that you’d need to make a great Lego game. First, you need a lot of characters, and they have to have a diverse skill set. We need to have a reason to switch between all those characters. There needs to be action, you have to fight someone, and that someone will need a horde of anonymous troops for you to fight. And lastly, we’ll need a large world with lots of different locations to play in. A good story pre-existing storyline can help, but they can make up their own just as easily as long as the characters and world are good.

There are several franchises that I’d like to see turned into Lego games. Sure, some of these don’t even have a chance at making it, but it sure would be nice.

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There is finally going to be a Lego Marvel game

Yesterday, Lego announced that they’re finally making a Lego Marvel game.  Looking at the official image they released, we’ve got the whole range of characters from X-Men, to Avengers, to Deadpool.

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Kingdom Death: Monster

I was never really able to get into miniatures games.

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Slenderman And Minecraft

I started playing on a new server a couple days ago.  It’s a server that allows griefing,  murder, and theft.  It really changes the game a little when you know that everybody else in the game is probably going to kill your and take your stuff.  It’s still quite a bit of fun though, and I had ensured that my base is pretty well hidden, and that everything of value is hidden even more.

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Hey @Stewart, you should get a merchandising guy.

As I said before, Glitch is closing it’s doors due to lack of funds, and many are asking, “why haven’t you tried merchandising to make up missing funds?” It’s a legitimate question, especially since there is absolutely no merchandise for Glitch right now.  Being the merchandising genius that I am, I’ll provide these ideas free of charge.  A kickstarter could be a great way to drum up the funds for them as well as show interest for new investors.  And Stoot, if you decide that these are good ideas, you should know that I am available to hire, and full of wonderful ideas.

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