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Was Art Bell’s SiriusXM deal a conspiracy to keep him off the air?

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With Art Bell coming back to radio, the girlfriend and I were talking about who would join him, who would he interview, who do his weekend shows. Would he steal George Knapp from George Noory? Will George Noory have a breakdown on the air? Will he dig up Dallas Thompson for a follow up interview?

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Sneak Peak

Secret Cabinet 01

I’m working on something right now, and this ridiculous image is part of it. You may be asking yourself, just why exactly is Barrack Obama in a bunker with Alex Jones, George Noory, and Giorgio Tsoukalos, but you’ll just have to stay tuned for the answers.

This is not a real x-ray


So, this guy is now on the radio, talking to George Noory , about how there is a tomato plant growing in his abdomen. This is supposed to be a real x-ray.

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George Noory’s Pizza Roll Story

If you missed out when it originally aired, well, here it is, in an animated format. How this man has stayed alive this long, let alone stayed on the radio, I’ll never know.

WTF, George Noory?

If you listen to Coast to Coast AM, you may have noticed two things:

George Noory is a terrible host.

He hasn’t been on the show for two days.

The guest hosts have been mentioning his “bizarre encounter”, but not actually saying what was happening.

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