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Happy New Year


He Comes


Smile Dog

Smile Dog 01

One of my favorite types of threads are creepy image threads. The only problem is that everybody always posts the same images. Thankfully, some people, such as deviant artist Snook-8 are more than willing to create some original content.

Drone is not a dirty word

Obama Drone

We used to call them, first, there were model airplanes, then unmanned aerial vehicles, now we have drones.

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Slender Man

I had an idea, wanna try my hand at animation. Started off with this as just a test to see how it would look. I think I need a lot more crayons, and possibly a better scanner. Hit the jump for the animated version

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This blender may have been the best impulse buy I ever made


Another species nears extenction

crab louseThat’s right, through destruction of their natural habitat, mankind is once again, on the verge of wiping out an entire species.  That’s right ladies and gentlemen, since so many of you are getting bikini waxes, the noble crab louse is quickly running out of its habitat.

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Happy Halloween

While Trick or Treating, remember to put fresh batteries in your flashlight, and if you see a tall man with tentacles and no face, run.