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I’ve been playing a bit of Minecraft lately

I’ve been playing on the MinerAP server for a little while now. The rules are pretty simple. Don’t do things that will mess up the server, don’t cheat, steal and kill what ever you can. Sure, there are groups that have banded together, but it still leads to a lot of paranoia. I’ve had to move my secret stashes twice now after people have found them and raided my stuff. (What they could, that is…)

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Hey @Stewart, you should get a merchandising guy.

As I said before, Glitch is closing it’s doors due to lack of funds, and many are asking, “why haven’t you tried merchandising to make up missing funds?” It’s a legitimate question, especially since there is absolutely no merchandise for Glitch right now.  Being the merchandising genius that I am, I’ll provide these ideas free of charge.  A kickstarter could be a great way to drum up the funds for them as well as show interest for new investors.  And Stoot, if you decide that these are good ideas, you should know that I am available to hire, and full of wonderful ideas.

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Glitch was the lovechild of Stewart Butterfield, who previously was the founder of Flickr. Glitch is an awesome game where you played around in the imagination of powerful giants. Your story starts in the brain of a giant, where you are imagined into life. From there, you wander the land of Ur, petting trees and milking butterflies. That may sound odd, but it’s actually quite a bit of fun. There isn’t any fighting in the game, instead, game play is based on crafting and building. You can build and decorate your own home, street, and even a tower that you can fill with items to sell to other players. When they add new areas to the game, all the players get together and actually build it street by street. And that is really what the game was about, players working together to make it better.

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