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Liberty Gun Works: Bi-Directional Triggers

liberator Bi directional trigger

Any firearm that fires more than one bullet when you pull the trigger is considered a “Machine Gun” under US law.  It doesn’t matter if it fires in bursts, if its full auto, or even if it fires out of multiple barrels.  People are always looking for different ways to get around this restriction and increase your rate of fire, without actually turning into a “Machine Gun” and having its sale restricted.  One of the more popular items are bump fire stocks.  A new contender is the bi-directional trigger by Liberty Gun Works.  

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McGruff got arrested,

McGruff the Drug Dog

You’ve probably seen the story about McGruff the Crime Dog by now.  His home was raided, and they found 1000 pot plants, 27 firearms including a grenade launcher, and 9,000 rounds of ammo.  There are two assumptions that people are making when they first read about it, and both are wrong.

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Fake guns don’t kill people

I grew up pointing plastic guns at my friends. We’d pretend to shoot at each other, people on TV, or just shoot at imaginary people. Never in my youth did I ever think that a fake gun and a real gun were the same thing. I understood that real guns were dangerous and you didn’t play with them. I understood that fake guns were fine to play with, but you if they fired foam darts or those little plastic discs, you didn’t aim for someones face. These were basic rules that I understood from a very young age. Somewhere between the 80’s and today though, people seemed to forget the difference between fantasy and reality.

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I cannot wait for this game to come out. Following that, I cannot wait for this movie to actually be filmed.

And when you release a new round of action figures, how about putting a few more Deadpools out there. I can find thousands of some minor character that nobody wants on shelves in every store, but if I want Deadpool, I have to head to ebay and shell out at least $50 for one.

Then someone make a nice Deadpool belt buckle. That’s all I’m asking for, a movie, action figures, and a belt buckle…

What is an “Assault Weapon”?

assault rifleThere is a lot of talk about assault rifles and assault weapons, and I’d like to clear a few things up.

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The police are not here to protect you.

Self DefenseThis isn’t a to speak poorly about police, it’s just a fact. They aren’t here to help you or prevent crime. They are here to find the people that commit crimes after they happen. Now, if you have enough money, sure, you may be able to hire the police to act as security, or even have them assigned to you at tax payer expense, but otherwise, they are a cleanup crew.

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“High Velocity Ammunition Clips”

Assault Weapons OMGWTFBBQI just heard someone on the news refer to “High Velocity Ammunition Clips”.

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Yes, you can legally own a grenade launcher

You can own this gun legallyOne argument that seems to come up when talking about gun control and assault weapons bans, is that it’s a slippery slope. “What’s next?” they will ask, “Are we going to make buying rocket launchers and grenades legal?”

That argument doesn’t really work, since it’s already perfectly legal for a civilian to buy those items.

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Self defense use of firearms should not be ignored

One asshole shoots a bunch of people, and it’s all over the news.  Thousands of people use firearms to defend themselves and nobody notices.

Take this story for instance:

An elderly Doyline couple fought off potential home invaders around 1:30 Sunday morning. Webster Sheriff’s Office says Brandon Hudson and Jecaras Taylor attempted to break into an elderly couple’s home, thinking they had evacuated. When the couple revealed themselves, police say the two men continued their attempt. Taylor was shot in the neck by one of the homeowners. He is in critical condition at LSU Medical Center. Hudson is in custody at the BDCC Correctional Facility.  ~ KTBS

How many times does this happen?  How many times does just having the gun stop a crime without even the need to fire it?  Nobody cares because guns are scary, and once in a blue moon, some whack job kills a bunch of people.  Then, instead of looking at the whack job and figuring out why he’s a whack job, whether or not there were signs that he was going to do this, and what we could have done to help him, we just blame the gun.

What we need is a massive self defense use of firearms.  Like, for an entire gang to decide that they want to rob a place, and the just happen to choose a house where the owner has an AK-47, and well, it is used without prejudice.  I imagine that 30 or so gang members strewn across the street would get some attention as to how firearms have defensive uses as well.

Mossberg 500

Just got my new pump and grip in the mail.  Debating no putting the folding stock back on it, but I think I like it better this way.  Now I’m just waiting on the mount for the flashlight.

I believe that this now means that my shotgun is classified as an assault weapon.