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Why you shouldn’t call yourself a pagan


Too many times, I hear people referring to themselves as “pagan” when the discussion of religion comes up. ¬†You really need to stop doing this, let me tell you why.

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Eben Byers, Pittsburgh’s Radioactive Man

Eben Byers 01Back at the start of the 20th century, we went through a period known as “Radioactive Quackery”. This was a time when people stopped selling the oil of snakes to the unassuming masses, and instead began selling them radiation.

Radiation was everywhere back then. Watches with glow in the dark faces, glowed thanks to radium (and the girl who made it probably died from cancer). Radioactive toothpaste was said to make your teeth whiter. There were spas set up with the specific purpose of exposing its visitors to the healing powers of radiation. This brings us to Eben Byers, a Pittsburgh native, professional golfer, heir to a steel empire, and (currently) radioactive corpse.

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