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The Fappening!

The Fappening

In case you’ve been under a very large rock this week, you should know that a crap ton of celebrities had their shit hacked, and naked pictures were released on the internet. It was a glorious occasion to some, and completely┬ádevastating to others.

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Jim Carey You may remember Jim Carrey from those movies that you used to find hilarious, or from that picture of him in a women’s bathing suit with his then significant other Jenny McCarthy, and probably not much else in recent years. That was until it was announced that he would be starring in Kick-Ass 2 as gun toting vigilante Colonel Stars and Stripes. Who wouldn’t want to see this former funny man as a crazy super hero. It worked with Nick Cage, so why not Jim Carey?

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Why losing Google Reader and RSS in general, is a bad thing

reader-mastheadI’m starting to think I’m cursed. First Microsoft kills Sync, then Cubby kills their sync, now Google is killing Reader. Google Reader is the one page that I visit the most. It’s always open, showing me the latest updates from a couple hundred website that I’ve subscribed to.

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Advertising doesn’t really suck all that much.

Currently, advertising is part of our everyday lives. We have commercials on TV, billboards along our roads, and ads in our websites and games. They can be a pain in the ass, but they can also help out by introducing us to new products or keeping services that would otherwise be costly either inexpensive or free. I even run ads on my site here, I don’t make much off them at the moment, pretty much just pays for some of the hosting costs, but it allows me to keep the site up.

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