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Archives for : jim semonik

Electronic Saviors III: Remission

It’s that time again. The third installment of the Electronic Saviors: Industrial Music to Cure Cancer compilation is coming out June 10th. You can pick up a copy over on Metropolis records, or get the premium edition from Distortion Productions

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Rein[Forced] Diagnosed with Pre Existing Conditions

Reinforced - Diagnosed with pre-existing conditions

Pittsburgh’s own electro industrial duo Rein[forced] is putting out a two disc remix album featuring the mixes from the likes of Panic Lift, Wade Alin (Atomica Project/Christ Analogue), Imperative Reaction, I:Scintilla, Mindless Faith, Ego Likeness, Die Sektor, Interface, The Dark Clan and more. Art work for the album will be done by another yinzer, Byron Winton, who did the work for Rein[Forced]’s other albums.

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