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The Butthurt of Cthulhu

_The Butthurt of the Dark I recently had the joy of making a new friend on tumblr. I don’t know if he’s just worried about Yahoo buying his favorite blogging tool, or maybe he’s got one of the things tattooed on himself, but he certainly did not like my saying that using the Elder Sign from the Simon Necronomicon isn’t correct.

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Cthulhu and Aquaman would not be friends

Cthulhu would hate Aquaman

Seconds later, Aquaman was devoured…

One thing that Aquaman forgot when he decided it was a good idea to start bossing around a Great Old One, is that Cthulhu is not an ocean creature.

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The scene from Jurassic Park that could have been

Eldritch Park Jurassic Park 3D was amazing, and the movie still stands as having some of the best special effects I have ever seen. Even on an Imax screen, there were barely any issues with it. I really wish that modern movie makers would look back at what they used to make and see how awesome what they are making now could be. There is one thing I would think about changing though…

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History Channel to do Houdini miniseries, probably won’t include the best story though

Harry Houdini Everybody knows Harry Houdini, even today, nearly a hundred years after his death, he’s still a household name. He was a very interesting man with a very interesting life, and if they put half as much effort into this as they did The Hatfields and McCoys or as they are currently putting into Vikings, this could be an amazing show.

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H.P. Lovecraft died this day, in 1937

I didn’t see nearly enough to commemorate one of the greatest American horror writers of all time. I’m a bit late getting this in here, but I’ve still got a little over an hour of today left.

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A few shows that could use a modern reboot

RebootWe’ve had a lot of reboots, reimagings, and remakes recently. A lot of them have sucked, but they don’t always have to. The Wizard of Oz, The Departed, The Thing, The Fly, all remakes of other films. Likewise, we’ve seen many different versions of X-Men, Transformers, Ghostbusters, GIJoe, Thundercats, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and other popular cartoons. Sure, some have been crap, but others have actually been pretty good.

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Veronica Belmont Vs. Giant Squid

Veronica Belmont takes on the giant squid in this episode of Fact or Ficitonal, although, I must say, it doesn’t end the same way that my fanfic did.

Veronica Belmont

Mine was like this, only with more Cthulhu and less shirt

The Lego games I’d like to see

LEGO_logoThere are a couple things that you’d need to make a great Lego game. First, you need a lot of characters, and they have to have a diverse skill set. We need to have a reason to switch between all those characters. There needs to be action, you have to fight someone, and that someone will need a horde of anonymous troops for you to fight. And lastly, we’ll need a large world with lots of different locations to play in. A good story pre-existing storyline can help, but they can make up their own just as easily as long as the characters and world are good.

There are several franchises that I’d like to see turned into Lego games. Sure, some of these don’t even have a chance at making it, but it sure would be nice.

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The King in Yellow

The King in Yellow I normally attribute Hastur, The King in Yellow, and the Yellow Sign with Derleth, and I’ve said before what I think of him, but really, I should look more kindly on the yellow garbed one.

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Merry Cthulmas

Merry Cthulmas09

Merry Cthulmas!!

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