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Archives for : Marble Hornets

The Slender Man Murders

Slender Man

It appears that a couple deranged and stupid little girls decided that it was a good idea to stab one of their friend in order to become agents of Slender Man.  Much like every other crime, people are looking for who to blame, in this case, I’ve seen a couple of articles that are blaming Slender Man.  “Who is Slender Man?”, you ask.  

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New Evidence on the Slender Man

Obama Vs Slender Man 01

After reviewing previous pictures of this elusive creature, I have discovered that perhaps it’s not the Slender Man we should be afraid of. In fact, it appears that there is something even more frightful in many of these pictures…

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Gonna need some good costumes for this year


Last year, we went as Slenderman/The Operator and Masky. This year, I don’t even think we’ve started planning.

It’s ok though, we’ve still got a month to figure it out…