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Beetlejuice Roller Coaster

There are times when I think about making a roller coaster in Minecraft. I think about making a big hill, maybe a place where the car jumps the tracks like on the Jackrabbit (for those Kennywood fans), and then I see this, and realize that nothing I ever make will ever be anywhere near as good as what this man has built.

Merry Christmas to you too Mojang

Minecraft Christmas02

Although, I would say that they Snow Golems could use santa hats. Maybe next year…

Minecraft Christmas01

This is what I get for being nice…

This is what I get for being nice Still playing on the Miner Apocalypse server.  It’s a bit of fun, but any thing you try to do will get griefed.  Here is the inside of the garden I was building.  They took the food.  They took the torches.  They took the workbench, the furnace, even the door to the room.  Then they broke holes in the walls and floors.

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I’ve been playing a bit of Minecraft lately

I’ve been playing on the MinerAP server for a little while now. The rules are pretty simple. Don’t do things that will mess up the server, don’t cheat, steal and kill what ever you can. Sure, there are groups that have banded together, but it still leads to a lot of paranoia. I’ve had to move my secret stashes twice now after people have found them and raided my stuff. (What they could, that is…)

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Slenderman And Minecraft

I started playing on a new server a couple days ago.  It’s a server that allows griefing,  murder, and theft.  It really changes the game a little when you know that everybody else in the game is probably going to kill your and take your stuff.  It’s still quite a bit of fun though, and I had ensured that my base is pretty well hidden, and that everything of value is hidden even more.

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Gonna need some good costumes for this year


Last year, we went as Slenderman/The Operator and Masky. This year, I don’t even think we’ve started planning.

It’s ok though, we’ve still got a month to figure it out…