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Joe Biden doesn’t understand firearms

According to Joe Biden, if someone breaks into your house, your best option is to grab a double-barreled shotgun, stand on your balcony, and fire off both barrels. This is supposed to scare the intruders away. It’s this statement that assures me that Biden knows absolutely nothing about firearms or firearm safety.

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Mossberg 500

Just got my new pump and grip in the mail.  Debating no putting the folding stock back on it, but I think I like it better this way.  Now I’m just waiting on the mount for the flashlight.

I believe that this now means that my shotgun is classified as an assault weapon.

Why Assault Weapons Bans Are Pointless

We’ve had bans before, and our president has stated that he would like to see another ban put into place, and Diane Feinstein is ready to propose another one. But what do those bans actually do?  Take for instance, the two guns to the left.  The “legal” gun is a Mossberg 500, the same shotgun I own as well.  Now for the crazy part, the “illegal” shotgun, it’s the same gun.  What would make it illegal you ask?  Has it been modified to be full auto?  Is there a laser on it somewhere?  Maybe it has an ounce of cocaine hidden in the stock?  Nope, none of that.  The reason it would be considered illegal under the proposed assault weapons ban is because it’s got a pistol grip.  

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