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And suddenly, everybody likes drones


Barack Cobrama?

Barack Serpentor

Did I wake up in the middle of a mediocre G.I.Joe sequel?

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In The Way Guy

In The Way Guy

I hear that In The Way Guy is the new meme…

Barack Obama & Sean Connery in “Zardoz”

Barack Obama & Sean Connery in Zardoz

Just started a new job. It’s their busiest time of the year. I’ve put in multiple twelve hour days this week…

This is the best I could come up with right now…

Sneak Peak

Secret Cabinet 01

I’m working on something right now, and this ridiculous image is part of it. You may be asking yourself, just why exactly is Barrack Obama in a bunker with Alex Jones, George Noory, and Giorgio Tsoukalos, but you’ll just have to stay tuned for the answers.

Drone is not a dirty word

Obama Drone

We used to call them, first, there were model airplanes, then unmanned aerial vehicles, now we have drones.

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80% Lower Receivers by 2nd AM Arms

2nd am armsThe government requires that the lower receiver of a rifle be registered and maintain a serial number, even if sold separately from every other part of a rifle. The lower receiver by itself is viewed as a firearm by Uncle Sam. 2nd AM Arms has a novel idea to get around this, and possibly even future restrictions on “Assault Weapons,” they’re only selling you an 80% complete AR-15 lower receiver.

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Is it still called “Skeet” if you use a predator drone?

Predator Drone

This is the last one, I promise

New Evidence on the Slender Man

Obama Vs Slender Man 01

After reviewing previous pictures of this elusive creature, I have discovered that perhaps it’s not the Slender Man we should be afraid of. In fact, it appears that there is something even more frightful in many of these pictures…

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How I predict “How I Met Your Mother” will end

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHEREverybody thinks that the show is about how Ted finds his true love and fathers some children. I don’t think that’s what it’s about. Think about it, the show is called, “How I Met Your Mother.” Even if this were a story being told by Grandpa Simpson in his most senior of moments, he would have gotten to the point three, maybe four seasons ago.

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