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Archives for : parody

American Psycho

American Psycho is one of my favorite movies. Christian Bale’s just completely batshit insane performance is brilliant. Huey Lewis’s dissecting Bale’s dissecting of his own song, also brilliant. Weird Al pretending to be clueless and drunk, sheer comedic genius! Making a sequel to American Psycho, not as brilliant. Mila Kunis’s portrayal of a psychotic killer in American Psycho 2, also not as brilliant.

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HEEEEEEEEY, Green Eyed Lady

First off, if you haven’t seen Big Trouble in Little China, then you really need to pick it up and watch it. It’s quite possibly the most amazing movie ever made.

Anyways, not only does the original David Lo Pan actor James Hong make several appearances, but John Carpenter himself gave it his show of approval when he showed it to fans at Screamfest. Also the She Burton is strangely hot…

Now that I have seen Lo Pan Style, I don’t think I ever need to watch another Gangnam Style video again.