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iGroceries, now available from iTunes

Apple appears to be filing suite against a grocery store in Poland, because they have the domain, pronounced “apple”.

I could understand if this was company selling music that decided to call themselves Apple (something apple has been familiar with over the years, as they have been on the receiving end of multiple lawsuits for it), but this is a grocery store, as in a place that actually sells apples. They are in no way competing with Apple, and are not marketed in a way that would confuse anybody about what is going on.

It’s bad enough that they would sue because Samsung made a device that was rectangular with round corners, but suing a grocery store who’s website is a cute spelling of one of their actual products? A product which, I would hope I don’t have to remind people, predates the computer company by several thousands of years.

Apple has gone from being innovative, to just being very stylish, to now just concentrating on patent trolling.

Can we maybe get a few scientists elected into some positions in our government. Some people who understand technology, and maybe can write a few laws to help clean up the mess that surrounds our patent system. Maybe a few engineers can switch careers and go into law and then become judges so we can get this kind of crap thrown out?