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Archives for : photography

A tour of Africa

Africa 20

I’m tired, so there isn’t any witty joke to go along with this gallery, so just sit back and enjoy the animals.

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Fingers burned into stone

Fingers burned into stone

I don’t know whose fingers those were, or how they got burnt into the stone like that, I’m just glad I keep the shotgun close to the bed…

Of course, I should probably get some silver shot or something…

The Wildlife of Pittsburgh

Wildlife 08 It’s finally starting to warm up here in Pittsburgh, so I decided to go for a walk to see what animals were out and about. I figured that if there was one place that I would find some wildlife, it would be the Allegheny Cemetery.

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Wizards are turning up everywhere

Children's Hospital

Originally, I had just wanted to take the above picture, showing just how huge Children’s Hospital is, both towering above all the other buildings, as well as spreading out across the town. However, I noticed something as I was walking across the bridge. It appears that there is either some kind of wizard, or mad scientist living underneath it.

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Just a couple of pictures

Just a couple pictures12

Went back to my parents for the Annual Maple Syrup Festival. While there, I got to enjoy such fun things as waiting in line for an hour and a half for all you can eat pancakes. I didn’t bring my camera there, however, I did take a few picture around their place. First up, is the old tree that got struck by lightening. As I was told by my grandmother, the whole top of the tree turned into a ball of fire that just rolled down the trunk, leaving it with the vaguely sinister look that it has today

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Israeli sniper gets in trouble for Instagram photo

Isreali Sniper

Recently, an Israeli soldier uploaded this picture, depicting what appears to be a Palestinian boy in the cross hairs of his rifle, to Instagram. A shitstorm ensued as people flipped out about it.

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And the rest of the Carnegie Museum

Carnegie Museum of History07

It’s not all dinosaurs and art at the Carnegie Museum.

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Carnegie Museum of Art

I have no idea what this is.

I have no idea what this is.

The Carnegie Museum isn’t just dinosaurs, it’s also got art. Lots and lots of art. So much art, that I think I lost my girlfriend about four times while we wandered that section…

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Carnegie Museum of Dinosaurs

Carnegie Museum of Dinosaurst06

We got a membership to the Carnegie Museums, so we plan on going quite a bit more. Of course, every time we go there, the mollusk exhibit always seems to be closed. There are still dinosaurs though, and that’s a good thing.

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Dinner is good, DC is bad…


I’m tired of complaining about politics, so even though I’ve seen some of the ridiculousness that is Dianne Feinstein’s proposed assault weapon’s ban, I’m not going to say anything. Instead, here is a little foodporn. Steak, king crab, a medley of mashed potatoes, and corn. I can cook, but unfortunately ladies, I’m already taken.