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Archives for : Pittsburgh

Fart bros – m4m (Alder St. (Shadyside))


Pittsburgh, keepin it classy.

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Eben Byers, Pittsburgh’s Radioactive Man

Eben Byers 01Back at the start of the 20th century, we went through a period known as “Radioactive Quackery”. This was a time when people stopped selling the oil of snakes to the unassuming masses, and instead began selling them radiation.

Radiation was everywhere back then. Watches with glow in the dark faces, glowed thanks to radium (and the girl who made it probably died from cancer). Radioactive toothpaste was said to make your teeth whiter. There were spas set up with the specific purpose of exposing its visitors to the healing powers of radiation. This brings us to Eben Byers, a Pittsburgh native, professional golfer, heir to a steel empire, and (currently) radioactive corpse.

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The rest of the zoo pictures

Snack time

Was going to post these in several more galleries, instead, I’m just posting the rest all at once.

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Hot Tortoise Action


Caution: Hot Tortoise Action Ahead!

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Great Cats at the Pittsburgh Zoo

Pittsburgh Zoo Great Cats1 04

Wound up with the fifth off too, so we decided to go to the zoo. One of my favorite parts of the zoo, are the great cats that they have there.

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I hate marathons

Print I hate the Pittsburgh Marathon. Every year, they close off streets to create an inescapable ring around the city, preventing anybody with legitimate business from doing anything that needs to get done for half the day.

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The Wildlife of Pittsburgh

Wildlife 08 It’s finally starting to warm up here in Pittsburgh, so I decided to go for a walk to see what animals were out and about. I figured that if there was one place that I would find some wildlife, it would be the Allegheny Cemetery.

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And the rest of the Carnegie Museum

Carnegie Museum of History07

It’s not all dinosaurs and art at the Carnegie Museum.

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Carnegie Museum of Art

I have no idea what this is.

I have no idea what this is.

The Carnegie Museum isn’t just dinosaurs, it’s also got art. Lots and lots of art. So much art, that I think I lost my girlfriend about four times while we wandered that section…

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Carnegie Museum of Dinosaurs

Carnegie Museum of Dinosaurst06

We got a membership to the Carnegie Museums, so we plan on going quite a bit more. Of course, every time we go there, the mollusk exhibit always seems to be closed. There are still dinosaurs though, and that’s a good thing.

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