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So the elections are finally over.

I would first like to commend Congressman Todd Akin, who, thanks to his idiotic remarks has cemented a victory for his Democrat opponent. Way to help out your party there champ.

Any time a guy opens his mouth about rape, you are automatically wrong and whatever you say will make you sound dumb. I’m looking at you this time, Mourdock. From now on, the only thing that I want to hear from any Republicans on the subject of rape, is that it’s more difficult to rape an armed woman.  Anything else you say will be viewed as an attack on women, so find something better to say.  

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Operation Dumbo/Ass Drop

Did you watch the debates last night?

Were you upset that your party’s candidate was arrested? What’s that? You say you didn’t see Romney or Obama get arrested, well of course you didn’t. It was the Green Party candidate, Jill Stein, with her running mate, Cheri Honkala, that were arrested for protesting the fact that there were no third-party candidates included in the debates. I would have loved the inclusion of Jill Stein, Gary Johnson, or Virgil Goode in the debates.

The problem, is how the debates are set up. First off, is that the debates are run by the Commission on Presidential Debates, which was created by the Democrat and Republican parties. That means that right off the back, the Republicans and Democrats are in control. The second problem, is that they require a candidate to have at least 15% of the vote in at least 5 major polls before they are allowed to be in the debate. This is of course only going to hurt the smaller parties as they are pushed out-of-the-way. Many people don’t even realize that they have options outside of our two-party system.

If this were the corporate world, we’d probably be seeing some antitrust action going on, but since this is politics, and the politicians in charge get to tell us how it will work, nothing is going to change…

Unless, that is, we do something about it. The three most popular “third-party” options are, Green, Libertarian, and Constitution Parties. What I would propose, is that when we are polled, we don’t say we are voting for either Democrat or Republican, and instead, we choose one of these third-party candidates. All we need is for 15% of the polls to go to one of them. We have four years to get the word out and bring them more into the public sight. Monetarily speaking, these candidates don’t have the backing of the giant funding machines that are the Democrat and Republican parties, so you won’t see tons of commercials airing on every channel, so these debates would put them on an even level, and maybe after a couple of elections, we would start to see some real change in the registration numbers. Already people are leaving the two main parties by the thousands, but it’s not enough, we also need to spread the word about other parties.

Our founding fathers warned us about the party system, and the dangers of bowing down before them. They’d be pissed as hell if they saw how we elect people now. Together we can get some real change in Washington, and kick out these assbags that think they own the place.

I don’t care if you are a diehard Hillary supporter, or thing that Mitt is the second coming, if you are polled, you tell them your vote goes to anybody but a Democrat or Republican.

Besides, Jessie Venture said that he would run if we could guarantee him a spot in the debates, and let’s face it, who doesn’t want to see that?

Goodbye Savage Nation, you will not be missed…

I listen to talk radio. I like talk radio. I think most of the personalities on the radio are pretty entertaining.

In the mornings I listen to Quinn and Rose when I’m going to work. If I’m out on my lunch break, I can listen to Rush. The weekends can be a little iffy some times with some of the “medical” or “financial” shows that air, but I like Joe Pags’s show and listen to it on my way home.

What I don’t like is during the week, when I get off work, the Savage Nation is typically on the radio. I can’t stand Michael Savage. I don’t know how this guy made it to the number three talk show.

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Xaotik Designs 2012

It’s an election year, and it’s time once again, for us to decide who gets to lead our great nation. I know it’s probably too late, and I’m just a couple of years shy of the age requirement, but I believe it’s time I throw my hat in the ring. To promote my candidacy over the next few weeks, I’m going to post a few of my positions on some key points.

My first posting, will be in declaring my political party. Currently I’m registered as a Republican. This is not because I particularly like Republicans, but because of the two parties that matter, they are the closest to my personal beliefs.

Read over that last line again. Do you see the problem? First, we only have two parties that matter. Third parties only count in that a vote for them is almost like not voting at all. We have tons of parties that could be a lot better, if only they got more votes, or had better coverage. This leads me to my first proposed change.

Voters and candidates no longer pick their own parties. When registering to vote, everybody would take a short quiz, something like the one at ISideWith or Political Compass. Those who are in office would have their voting record reviewed by a non-partisan committee that would then, if needed, reassign them to a different party based on what they actually did while in office.

This way, when Limbaugh calls someone a socialist, he can really mean it because that’s the party they were placed in thanks to their voting record. Want to run as one party so you can get get into office, then vote another way during your term, guess what, you don’t get to do that anymore. Parties would only back the candidates that they fully support, after all, they aren’t going to want to spend all that money on a candidate that is going to switch parties once his record is reviewed.

Probably best of all though, it would break up the two party system we have now. There wouldn’t be these massive political parties warring with each other with millions of dollars being channeled through them for elections. We’d have dozens of smaller parties competing with each other based on their actual stance and record on the issues, not just towing the party line so they fit in. Our current third parties would actually become valid since many of the people from the two main parties would find themselves now running for them.

Hopefully, once people actually know which party would best represent them based on their views, and then which politicians they would actually side with, people would start to elect the people that they actually want in office. It won’t solve everything, but it’s a step towards informing voters and getting better politicians.