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Archives for : religion

Why you shouldn’t call yourself a pagan


Too many times, I hear people referring to themselves as “pagan” when the discussion of religion comes up.  You really need to stop doing this, let me tell you why.

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Left Behind

Bearded Ass Fuck

So, one of those beard guys from the duck show wants everybody to see the new Left Behind movie.  

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Speaking in Tongues

I love Tila Tequila’s videos.  It’s a special kind of crazy that she spews forth.  Her website is a strange combination of partial nudity and conspiracy theories and paranormal rants.  Of her latest offerings, we are given a “song” where Miss Tila performs the entire thing by speaking in tongues.

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Cthulhu and Aquaman would not be friends

Cthulhu would hate Aquaman

Seconds later, Aquaman was devoured…

One thing that Aquaman forgot when he decided it was a good idea to start bossing around a Great Old One, is that Cthulhu is not an ocean creature.

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Penn Jillette is Bullshit

Penn Jillette on God and religionI saw this picture posted on Facebook the other night and made a comment about how this statement is kinda dumb. This then turned into arguing with someone on the internet until 4 AM…

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The Next Pope Will Be The Last

This is the last popeThose of you that aren’t good Catholics, conspiritards, or doomsday prophecy junkies, you may not realize this, but the resignation of our current pope puts us just one step closer to The End.

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The Mark of the Beast

Every now and then, someone starts to complain about something stupid and call it the mark of the beast. First, let’s make sure we know what the mark actually is. For that, we have to turn to the Bible

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