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Archives for : science

Why I don’t understand feminism


Recently, a man landed a space craft on an asteroid and all feminists care about is the shirt he had on.

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This year, Jupiter will eclipse the Moon!

Jupiter passing between the earth and moon

For the first time in over a thousand years, Jupiter will pass between the Earth and Moon.  On October 1st, keep your eyes on the moon, and you’ll see this amazing eclipse take place take place just after 2 AM.  But that’s not all…  

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The Downfall of Science Television


The Discovery Channel screwed up. As Wil Wheaton would tell it, they screwed up big time. It seems that when they opened up Shark Week, they did it with a mocumentary about megalodon sharks that survived into modern times.

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The Mark of the Beast

Every now and then, someone starts to complain about something stupid and call it the mark of the beast. First, let’s make sure we know what the mark actually is. For that, we have to turn to the Bible

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Carnegie Science Center

If there was one thing that Andrew Carnegie was good at, it’s making steel.  If there were two things that he was good at, it was making steel, and hiding away in Scotland while Frick was causing riots.  But if there were three things, they would be the two above, and having some awesome museums named after him.

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It’s a Science Party!

 I have previously stated that I’m done with the Republican Party.  It’s just been disappointment after disappointment with those jerks.  I would take it a step further, and say that all the parties are disappointments, which is why we need a new party, a party whose goal is to actually fix things, not just throw money at a problem and say they fixed it.  A party of Science.

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