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The Slender Man Murders

Slender Man

It appears that a couple deranged and stupid little girls decided that it was a good idea to stab one of their friend in order to become agents of Slender Man.  Much like every other crime, people are looking for who to blame, in this case, I’ve seen a couple of articles that are blaming Slender Man.  “Who is Slender Man?”, you ask.  

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Slender Man is, The Enemy

Slender Man - Enemy - Jake Gyllenhaal - Poster

I keep seeing this poster popping up in my feeds. I have no idea what it’s about, or who is in it besides Jake Gyllenhaal. All I know, is that the poster looks like it came from a deck of Creepypasta Playing cards.

Happy New Year


Slender Man 3D

3D Slender Man

I was bored, and I watched a tutorial at work on how to do this, so I converted a picture of Slender Man to 3D. At least, I hope I did…

I don’t actually own any of Red/Cyan 3D glasses, so I don’t actually know how this turned out. Anybody out there that has a pair able to tell me how I did?

Slender Man

Slender Man

I saw this one on Reddit, and I think it would make an awesome game, if it was done right.

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Gunter is one of my favorite characters from Adventure Time.

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Suzy’s Notebook – The Slender Man

Little Suzy would spend hours sitting in the park, coloring in her little notebook. Then one day, little Suzy was gone, and all we ever found, was her notebook, filled with wondrous drawings…

I think I’m going to make a few of these with different monsters that little Suzy could have seen before she disappeared. This one was more or less a test, since a faceless man who wears all black is also pretty much the easiest thing to draw.


Slender Man

I had an idea, wanna try my hand at animation. Started off with this as just a test to see how it would look. I think I need a lot more crayons, and possibly a better scanner. Hit the jump for the animated version

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He’s Watching

I’ve had this open in a tab for about a month, and just never got around to watching it. “He’s Watching” is a Slender Man movie, made for the Student Film Network Festival. The acting is a little worse than you’ll find in Marble Hornets, but it’s not unwatchable. My only real complaint, is that it follows the Marble Hornets formula of scribbling on paper, then going to an abandoned building and electronics cutting out all the time. If you’ve got 17 minutes you aren’t using, go ahead and watch it, otherwise, feel free to keep this tab open for a month or so until you do.

New Evidence on the Slender Man

Obama Vs Slender Man 01

After reviewing previous pictures of this elusive creature, I have discovered that perhaps it’s not the Slender Man we should be afraid of. In fact, it appears that there is something even more frightful in many of these pictures…

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