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Was Art Bell’s SiriusXM deal a conspiracy to keep him off the air?

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Well, Art Bell is off the air again…

Goodbye Savage Nation, you will not be missed…

I listen to talk radio. I like talk radio. I think most of the personalities on the radio are pretty entertaining.

In the mornings I listen to Quinn and Rose when I’m going to work. If I’m out on my lunch break, I can listen to Rush. The weekends can be a little iffy some times with some of the “medical” or “financial” shows that air, but I like Joe Pags’s show and listen to it on my way home.

What I don’t like is during the week, when I get off work, the Savage Nation is typically on the radio. I can’t stand Michael Savage. I don’t know how this guy made it to the number three talk show.

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