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I’d watch this version of The Little Mermaid

Sirens Call 2

Sabrina the Teenage Cultist?

Sabrina Lovecraft 01

From the time that Jughead’s crown was a time machine, to the time that the Punisher came to town, Archie Comics have had their share of weird moments.  More recently though, they have decided to go even further.  Not only have they decided to kill off Archie (well, an alternate timeline Archie at least), but they also decided that Sabrina the Teenage Witch needed to take a bit of a turn for the eldritch.

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Merry Cthulmas


Veronica Belmont Vs. Giant Squid

Veronica Belmont takes on the giant squid in this episode of Fact or Ficitonal, although, I must say, it doesn’t end the same way that my fanfic did.

Veronica Belmont

Mine was like this, only with more Cthulhu and less shirt