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zalgo 01

Zalgo, like Slender Man, originated on the website Something Awful, but like Slender Man, he has grown a life of his own.

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Tila Tequila is now a Nazi sympathizer

Tila Tequila Hitler

When one delves into the world of conspiracy theories, you have to be careful. It’s easy to jump off the deep end or wind up in areas that nobody really wants to be in.

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Wizards are turning up everywhere

Children's Hospital

Originally, I had just wanted to take the above picture, showing just how huge Children’s Hospital is, both towering above all the other buildings, as well as spreading out across the town. However, I noticed something as I was walking across the bridge. It appears that there is either some kind of wizard, or mad scientist living underneath it.

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Poop is bad, but it could have been worse


A redditor recently lamented about what happened to his car after leaving it parked in an elementary school for just one hour

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George Noory’s Pizza Roll Story

If you missed out when it originally aired, well, here it is, in an animated format. How this man has stayed alive this long, let alone stayed on the radio, I’ll never know.

WTF, George Noory?

If you listen to Coast to Coast AM, you may have noticed two things:

George Noory is a terrible host.

He hasn’t been on the show for two days.

The guest hosts have been mentioning his “bizarre encounter”, but not actually saying what was happening.

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