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The forging of Finn’s sword

Of all the replica swords out there, this is one that I would purchase. Just look at it, it’s freaking perfect. I don’t care how much he’d charge for it, I want one.

Watching this also brings back some memories. One day, about ten years ago, a group of friends of mine decided that we were all going to try to forge some swords. We all got some scrap metal, I got an anvil and sledge from my dad, my friend Brad showed up with a wielding mask and a leather apron (he was the only one that wore them).

I don’t know if you’ve ever seen an actual forge, but it’s nothing like a camp fire. Now, I can make a really good, hot fire, but a forge is significantly hotter than anything that I could ever make with a few logs over a pit of hot coals. We didn’t let this stop us though, and we spent the entire night hammering away trying to turn crap steel into swords. While everybody in a three mile radius probably hated us, I imagine it was a bit safer than our previous camping hobby of throwing explosives into the fire when nobody was looking.

The next morning, we looked at what he had accomplished. Brad had tried folding some thin metal like he was GorĊ Masamune, but wasn’t able to get it to weld together. Out of all of them, I was the most successful, turning a piece of rebar into a semi flattened piece of rebar.

Maybe one of these days, I’ll see if I can finish it.