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The Illuminati is after Tila Tequila

Normally, I don’t like to talk about famewhores, since talking about them is exactly what they want, but holy shit this video. I think we’ve reached Randy Quaid level crazy with this one, except, at least his conspiracy theory was used to cover up for felony charges and escape to Canada.
Tila is just pulling the crazy card because, well, she’s crazy.

You see folks, Tila isn’t famous because she lacks talent, it’s the CIA hiring people to block all her true fans. You can tell she’s serious because the camera never pans down below her shoulders.

The truth, Miss Tila, is that you tried to follow the Paris Hilton Road to Fame, but failed to follow two very important steps. First you have to already have lots of money and rich influential parents. You don’t, so that makes the step where you turn your 5 minutes of fame into a clothing line or fragrance, a bit difficult. Without that step, you have to keep the spectacle of yourself in the public eye. You’ve done the reality shows, but they never last. You’ve shown up in crazy outfits to different events, but as the fame dwindles, so to do your invites to these events. You tried releasing a “home movie”, but you can’t keep it going with just one tape, your “fans” want you to have a career in porn. You also had an on camera break down to try and get the sympathy fans.

None of that worked, so you are left with just one more route to continued fame, and that is going full on crazy. Yes Tila, the government is after you. If it wasn’t for them, you wouldn’t have any haters. What you need to do now is reach out to someone who can really get your message out, someone with the resources to investigate and blow the lid off this whole mess. What you need is someone who has experience tearing down the walls of conspiracy. What you need is Jesse Ventura

Yes, you need the help of this sexual tyrannosaurus to throw off the veil of shadows that has been draped over you and bring your plight to the light of day. Jesse, you owe it to the American citizens to right this wrong. We need more of this

You know what, on second thought, I now know why she has so many haters…