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The Lego games I’d like to see

LEGO_logoThere are a couple things that you’d need to make a great Lego game. First, you need a lot of characters, and they have to have a diverse skill set. We need to have a reason to switch between all those characters. There needs to be action, you have to fight someone, and that someone will need a horde of anonymous troops for you to fight. And lastly, we’ll need a large world with lots of different locations to play in. A good story pre-existing storyline can help, but they can make up their own just as easily as long as the characters and world are good.

There are several franchises that I’d like to see turned into Lego games. Sure, some of these don’t even have a chance at making it, but it sure would be nice.

deathstalkerLego Deathstalker
– The Deathstalker series by Simon R. Green is a vast space opera following the story of Owen Deathstalker, an aristocrat hailing from a long line of warriors that wants to do nothing more than study history. After being declared outlaw by the empress, he is forced to escape and winds up leading a rebellion against her. On the way he picks up a crew of assorted heroes, some more heroic than others. There are many different creatures from the cyborg Hadenmen, to the ghosts of a race of dragon like beings, to a planet filled with sentient toys robot that have decided humanity must die. There are people with different psychic powers, and eventually, the heroes enter the Madness Maze, and leave with super powers that enable them to overthrow the Iron Bitch from her throne. Why would it be good? It spans dozens of different planets, giving us more typs of worlds than Star Wars did. There are huge battles between sides. And with the different alien races, the psychics, and the maze powers gained by the heroes, you’ll have all the powers found in Star Wars, DC, and Marvel combined. Why won’t it get made?  Well, those sentient toys tended to take entrails from their kills, and stuff them inside themselves in an attempt to become human themselves. yeah, they were rather adult stories. Likewise, it’s kind of an obscure source materiel. They are great books though, so you should definitely check them out.

duneLego Dune
– Duke Leto Atreides is given the planet Arrakis by the emperor, so that he can oversee the production of spice. Shortly after arriving, they are attacked and murdered by the Baron Harkonen. His son, Paul, and Jessica who was Paul’s mother, and the duke’s concubine. There they are eventually taken in by the Fremen, who begin to see Paul as their messiah. Paul fosters this idea, eventually leading the Fremen in a war against the empire. Why would it be good?  Again there is a large cast of characters, and several battles.  They could add new mechanics for walking across sand and using thumpers to call or avoid the massive sand worms.  The Weirding Way, Face Dancers, Mentats, and Sword Masters, are only the beginning of the different powers and jobs that each character could have.  And lets not forget the spice.  Collect and use spice to make your character faster, find special bricks.  Plus, since the story spans thousands of years, with even the familiar planet of Dune going through vast changes, it give us all we need for a great game.  Why it won’t get made.  Well, when most people think of Dune, they think of the David Lynch movie that featured Sting in a sci-fi speedo.  The series was also left unfinished by the original author, with the last being wrote years later by Kevin J. Anderson and Brian Herbert, much to the derision of fans.  Why is it possible?  There were two mini series done that covered the first three books, and they were actually pretty good.  Plus, if there is money to be made, I’m sure that Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson would love to cash in on it.  There was talk of a new Dune movie for a while, but Paramount dropped it in 2011.  If someone else picks it up and does it right, we could see the rebirth of the franchise.

HeroesLego Heroes
 – Based on the TV show of the same name.  A group of people discover that they have super powers and then they save the world.  Along the way they discover that being a super hero isn’t like it is in the comics.  The Company is around every corner looking to lock away those they deem too dangerous.  The villain Sylar is there to kill those who posses powers that he can steal.  Why it would be great.  Again, there is a large cast and several pre-existing story lines.  Each character has their own unique powers that would translate well into the Lego world.  You could play as the characters from the series, or even start your own hero, running a story parallel to the show, with the cast coming in for different adventures.  Why it won’t get made.  Even though it was a fun show, the last several seasons weren’t as good, and we’re probably a few years late for this one to happen.  Why it’s still possible.  With different streaming companies looking to make their own content, it’s possible one could pick this show up to make their own.  This is even more possible as we see how well made super hero movies and shows  can be great draws for fans.

February 16th, 2010 @ 17:59:41Lego Alien Vs. Predator
– Space Marines answer a distress call, only to find that the planet is over run with xenomorphs.  They are able to hold off the first wave, but their problems are only just beginning as a new hunter arrives on the scene.  Why would it be great?  You could play from any of the three perspectives.  As the marines, you would equip different weapons to blast through the almost endless army of aliens.  As the Xenomorphs, capture other life forms to add them to your hive.  Different creatures give you different types of aliens.  Humans give general purpose aliens, but dogs give smaller faster ones, live stock gives you strong aliens, and if you can catch a predator, you get the ultimate xenomorph killing machine.  As the predator, gain honor as you bring back little lego heads.  Use your different weapons and technology to solve puzzles.  Why it won’t get made.  Again, its’ not exactly kid friendly.  Sure I had tons of action figures as a kid, but that kind of thing doesn’t really fly these days.  Add to that the fact that they haven’t really made a decent movie on the subject in quite a while…  Why it’s still possible.  It’s still a popular franchise, and all it would would take is one good movie or game to bring it back.  Likewise, the comics have always been popular.

KotORLego Star Wars IV: The Old Republic
 It’s Star Wars, just thousands of years before the original movies.  Why would it be great?  There are more Jedi, more Sith, and more Mandalorians.  There are pretty much more of everything that everybody loved about Star Wars.  Again, you could create your character using the character generator, and take on the role of some lost Jedi or Sith that must save the galaxy.  You could put in pieces of the first two games or some parts of the MMO, or even just create a whole new story, though I would suggest some KotOR bonus levels at the least.  Why its possible?  I would have said that since George Lucas hates giving the fans what they want, this game would never get made, but he’s out of the picture now, so unless there are some contract or license issues on the Old Republic setting, I’d have to say that there aren’t any reasons not to make this game.  Plus, since the new trilogy won’t be out for a few years, and their Lego games taking even longer, we’ll need some way to help Disney make money in the mean time.

hp-lovecraftLego Lovecraft
 – Lovecraft wrote many scifi and horror stories in the early 1900s.  He created the Necronomicon and Cthulhu.  Why would it be a great game?  There is a lot of source material to draw from, and as Dark Corners of the Earth has shown us, different stories and settings by Lovecraft can be blended together to create a new narrative.  We could travel from Miskatonic University to Innsmouth, where we catch a boat to a certain antarctic mountain of madness.  Then we make a return trip via the dream lands.  Plus, since it’s a Lego game, a little silliness is to be expected.  Let half the school be turned into zombies by Herbert West.  Show us what non euclidean Lego bricks look like.  Throw in the city of Ulthar, with it’s killer cats.  There is almost nothing you couldn’t do with this game.  Why it won’t get made.  Again, the source material is on the adult end of the spectrum, and the stories are about a hundred years old.  Why it’s still possible.  People love Cthulhu.  Likewise, while the average person may not read Lovecraft, his stories have inspired every great horror writer we love today.  Likewise, we’ve had many different adaptions of his stories that have been successful to some extent.

mobile-suit-gundam-wingLego Gundam
(or Robotech, Gurren Lagann, Code Geass, Evangelion, anything with giant robots fighting) – They’ve all got great stories, and pretty much any of them could be adapted to a Lego game.  Why would it be great?  With any of them, you have two different types of game play, Minifig, and Mech. While the Minifig would play out like normal Lego games, it’s the Mech game play that would really set this one different.  The character creator would not only let you make your pilot, but also customize your mech.  Taking the Gundam world for example, just imagine being able to take aspects from Gundam Wing, or the ridiculous Mobile Fighter G Gundam to build your own Gundam.  While you may have some variation between pilots, most of the different powers found in the Lego games would be found in the way the Mechs are put together.  Why it won’t get made.  I don’t think that there has been a good mech series on TV in a while, so the popularity is probably down a bit.  Plus there is probably licensing problems on some of these franchises.  Why it’s still possible.  If Pacific Rim is half as good as it looks to be, it could bring back interest in the giant robot genre, which could bring some of these great series back into the spot light, and get this game made.

There are a few more that may be great, but for one reason or another, just didn’t make the list, like The Matrix.  While it could be great, I think I’d rather see that franchise just fade away.  Disney could possibly work something up as well, like Kingdom Hearts minus all the Final Fantasy characters, but I’m not that big of a Disney fan myself.  No, if I had my say, those are the games that I’d have them make.