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The police are not here to protect you.

Self DefenseThis isn’t a to speak poorly about police, it’s just a fact. They aren’t here to help you or prevent crime. They are here to find the people that commit crimes after they happen. Now, if you have enough money, sure, you may be able to hire the police to act as security, or even have them assigned to you at tax payer expense, but otherwise, they are a cleanup crew.

Let’s take a look at the recent shootings. They have come a long way since Columbine, where they waited outside for reinforcements while more kids died. In Aurora, the police took seven minutes to arrive after the first call, by that time, the shooter was done and sitting outside. The mall shooter had killed himself before the police got there. At Virginia Tech, Police missed Cho after his first shooting, and again, he had killed himself after nine minutes of shooting other people. Police should have already been on campus since his first shooting was just a little over two hours before he went on the rampage. At Sandy Hook, it took twenty minutes to for police to arrive.

How far do you live from your local police station? How long will it take them to arrive if you call them? How many police are on duty at any time in your area? How long will it take that officer to arrive if they are at a speed trap on the other end of the county?

Now, compare that to how long it will take for someone to kick down your door. How long will it take an intruder to get from the back door to your bedroom? Here is a story about a home invasion that took place in the middle of the afternoon. Present in the home were two children and their mother. She called 911, and hid in a closet on the third floor. The intruders wandered the entire house before they opened the closet door, again, on the third floor, where the family was hiding. Thankfully, the mother in this story also happened to have her .38 in the closet with her, and when the intruders opened the door, it was the first thing the say, followed by six bright flashes.

Sure, she could have waited the five to twenty minutes more for the police to arrive, but if you ask her, she’ll probsbly tell you she’s sure she made the right choice…

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