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The rest of the zoo pictures

Snack time

Was going to post these in several more galleries, instead, I’m just posting the rest all at once.

They also had the baby gorilla outside to play.

After the Tropical Rain Forest, you come to the bears, most of which were not present. The only one in the normal bear area was the black bear. The polar bears were still there in their section outside the aquarium though.

The aquarium was fun as always, even if the octopus was nowhere to be found…

There was also this really cute owl that they rescued after it was hit with a car.

It was terribly hot and humid there, so many of the animals found it was just easier to go to sleep.

These two were wide awake, but they just sat there, watching… waiting…

The zoo isn’t just animals, there are a ton of different flowers and plants there too.

And of course, I close with the obligatory beaver shot

Beaver Shot

Just to give credit where credit is due, few of these were taken by my girlfriend (most of the flowers and aquarium shots were hers)