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The Wildlife of Pittsburgh

Wildlife 08 It’s finally starting to warm up here in Pittsburgh, so I decided to go for a walk to see what animals were out and about. I figured that if there was one place that I would find some wildlife, it would be the Allegheny Cemetery.


The first thing that I noticed were the bees flying around the trees. Hundreds of the little guys going from flower to flower, occasionally drifting down long enough to buzz in my face and fly off…

Having previously witnessed what can happen when too many bees gather in one place, I decided to continue on my journey.

There were, of course, birds flying around everywhere.

I saw Thanksgiving dinner wandering around as well.

And it was just about then that I saw a ground hog. I would have taken a picture, but something scared him off, I looked around to see what it was, when several deer crested the hill running at full speed…

Wildlife 15

I barely had time to bring my camera up when I started hearing more rumbling behind me.

Wildlife 10

Turning, I saw about ten deer running down the hill.

At this point, I would like to thank the nice group of people that left their dog off its leash. It really saved me from having to hike all over the Allegheny Cemetery to find the deer, however, in the future, if you could train your dog to perhaps not stampede the deer directly at me, I would appreciate it…


The dog ran off with a big goofy grin on its face, so I turned to follow the deer down the hill, then back up the next one (seriously, this place is nothing but hills, each one steeper than the last. When your parents tell you about walking to school up hill both ways, they were probably walking through here.)

I got a few pictures of them before I finally spooked them, and away they went…

Wildlife 14

On my way back through, I noticed this little guy looking out to see if the coast was clear again

Wildlife 08

If you’re in the area, and you want a nice relaxing place to visit, and maybe see some wildlife, I can always recommend the Allegheny Cemetery, its not filled with screaming kids like the Pittsburgh Zoo can be at times, and its free.