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There is finally going to be a Lego Marvel game

Yesterday, Lego announced that they’re finally making a Lego Marvel game.  Looking at the official image they released, we’ve got the whole range of characters from X-Men, to Avengers, to Deadpool.

I’ve got a few suggestions for them.  Make it more like Lego Star Wars.  Every Lego game I play, I compare it to Lego Star Wars, and quite frankly, a lot of them just didn’t hold up.

First, you need lots of action.  Lego Star Wars still had it’s share of puzzles, but it never stopped the action.  I liked Lego Harry Potter, but it was too much running around finding ingredients and not fighting.  It’s not really Lego’s fault, since they were just following the source material, and there isn’t really any action until you get to the second half of the series.

Then, you need to make sure that you use the entire cast of characters.  Lego Batman would have been a lot of fun if they had used more than just Batman and Robin.  There are tons of characters in the DC universe that they could have chosen from.  Forcing me to play with ridiculous costumes made me feel like I was playing in Joel Schumacher’s version of a Lego game. Even if they didn’t have rights to the rest of the DC universe, they could have still picked some other Batman heroes to work into the story.

Give us a character creator, give it to us early, and give us every option in the book. I loved being able to mix and match each character that I had unlocked along with all the other crazy stuff that you have available. I should be able to put Deadpool’s head, on Hulk’s body, with Wolverine’s claws and Professor X’s wheelchair. Let me change colors and give them wigs and top hats. Give me a fully fledged character creator. I haven’t really liked a character creator since Lego Star Wars.

While I like the fact that I can walk from The Shire to Mordor in free roam, it took me forever to figure out how to get to the free play missions. Maybe it’s just because I hate reading tutorials, but I much prefer the way it’s been in every other game: Walk up to a map, pick a level. I don’t mind walking from one building to the next to find the different between mission goodies, like in Lego Harry Potter and Lego Pirates of the Caribbean, but don’t make me wander the entire world find stuff. In fact, let us wander the city between missions. Put mini games and challenges throughout the city, and then we return to the Baxter Building, Shield Helicarrier, or what ever they are calling the school where they teach new X-Men these days.

Don’t forget you have a huge group of powers to work with, use them all and make each character unique. Sure, you’ll have the different types of characters, Hulk and Thing are super strong, but let Hulk do a shock wave clap. Don’t make Thor and Captain America both be just guys that throw something, let Cap’s shield block things, and let Thor hit people with lightening. Don’t make Jean just another telekinetic character, work the Phoenix Force into her character. Work all their powers into it. And let us pick different powers in the character creator, make it a point system where we can earn more points as we play. Let us make the most outrageous characters that our minds can come up with.

Lastly, give us some DLC. Add some new missions and characters. Since you aren’t following any specific Marvel movie or single story line in this one, you can add anything. Give us a Civil War DLC. Maybe a Planet Hulk level. Make Marvel Zombies a DLC. And don’t just give us the big fancy stories, give us things like Midnight Massacre You could keep this game going for years with DLC alone, and I would buy every single one you offered.

This is the first Lego game to have a chance at surpassing my love of Lego Star Wars, but only if you don’t screw it up.