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You ever notice how the more advanced a society gets, or the greater their technology gets, the smaller the outfits become. Soon, you are left with nothing but the skimpiest of lingerie for people to wear.

Star Trek isn’t the only franchise to show us how little women can wear in the future…



Sometimes, you don’t have to go to the future to see half-naked ladies, sometimes, the future comes back to you. This one is interesting as you can see the exact point when John Connor realizes just that maybe a future with robots doesn’t have to be a terrible place.


Gabrielle Fitzpatrick Dulcea

She is the master warrior of Phaedos who drove off the Tengu. I don’t know what that means since I pretty much outgrew the Mighty Morphing Power Rangers before the movie came out. That’s right, this leather bikini clad female warrior is from a kids show.  Many a young man has been ushered into puberty by this fantastic costume.

Aeon Flux

Aeon Flux 01

Played by Charlize Theron in the live adaption, and while she is good-looking, let’s face it, her costume is a little lacking. Well, maybe it’s not lacking enough.

Aeon Flux 02

Comparing the two, you can see that it’s supposed to be quite a bit less restrictive than the rather concealing outfit that she’s wearing in the movie.

That’s not saying that others haven’t worn better costumes than Mrs. Theron did.

Aeon Flux 05

Of course, that’s not to say that Charlize Theron didn’t wear something more revealing in the movie.


Joanna Cassidy Zhora

Much like Cameron the terminator, Zhora is another example of a part robot, part human humanoid from the future. After illegally coming to Earth, she leaves behind her career as an assassin to become an exotic dancer.  This is where Deckard finds her, wearing what appears to be nothing more than some glitter and a snake.  Of course, she isn’t the only replicant that doesn’t wear a lot.

Pris isn’t know for wearing a lot of clothing either.


In Alien, Sigourney Weaver shows us that while we may have mastered interstellar travel, we have yet to create a one sized fits all astronaut panties.


You can even buy a collectible statue to commemorate this moment in cinematic history.


LisaKelly LeBrock Lisa

Weird Science, a movie that told us it’s not weird to put a bra on your head, as long as you are doing it for SCIENCE! Kelly LeBrock helped usher many a young man through puberty with this one scene alone. Little cotton panties, a cut off shirt showing  just a hint of underboob.  This was quite possible the best thing about growing up in the 80’s.


Talisa Soto Vampirella

She’s a vampire from the planet Draculon, and she’s come to earth to fight Dracula and his evil vampires. It’s another movie based on a comic.

And another example of an actress who get’s to wear more than her character did, if only slightly.

Cosplayers tend to be a little more accurate in their costumes though.

 Leeloo Dallas

Milla Jovovich Leeloo Dallas

She’s the perfect being, sent to save us from evil, but when we first see her, she’s naked, so of course, they give her these nice bandages to wear. She’s so innocent, she doesn’t know exactly how sexy she is while she’s kicking everybody’s ass.

Adrianne Curry Leeloo

Leeloo also happens to be another favorite of Adrianne Curry.

Emma FrostJanurary Jones Emma Frost 01

When I first heard that the White Queen was going to be in X-Men: First Class, I wondered just how true to the comics they were going to make her outfit.

Janurary Jones Emma Frost 02

I was not disappointed. Emma Frost is known for being an evil manipulative woman who seemed not to wear actual clothing. This didn’t change when she decided to become a hero either.

The White Queen

It still didn’t change when they put her in charge of Xavier’s new school for mutants. You know, the one for young mutants, specifically the group of teens that would come be known as Generation X. Why they thought that a more than half-naked woman would be the best teacher for a group of teens at their peak of sexual appetites, I’ll never know, but I bet none of the guys ever skipped classes.  She’s also with Cyclops now, which just begs the question, “What the hell do chicks see in that douche?”

Princess Leia

Throughout the first movie, Carrie Fisher did not wear a bra. There were three reasons for this:

  1. In space, the body expands, and a bra does not.  Thus, it would constrict the wearer and prevent breathing.
  2. A bra would show too easily under her dress, and detract from the costume
  3. George Lucas is a perverted genius.

Lucas makes up for this lack of bra by donning a slave costume in Return of the Jedi by letting her wear what is probably the best bra.

The Slave Leia costume. A favorite of nerds everywhere, be they male, or female.

Adrainne Curry Slave Leia

Return of the Jedi is also the movie that gave us dancing Twi’lek slave girls.

You know, for all that George Lucas has done wrong over the years, I think we can forgive him for giving us these wonderful moments in science fiction lingerie history.


Sean Connery Zed

Whether you remember him as James Bond, Ramirez, Draco, King Arthur, Agamemnon, The Green Knight, Marko Ramius, or any of the other excellent roles that he’s played over the years, we’ll always be able to look back and wonder why in the hell he put on this gunslinger diaper for the movie Zardoz.

This had to either have been one of those movies that you are in because you owe someone a favor, or they had some really good dirt on him.

Some really good dirt…