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This is not a real x-ray


So, this guy is now on the radio, talking to George Noory , about how there is a tomato plant growing in his abdomen. This is supposed to be a real x-ray.

Now, at the moment, my girlfriend, who is a registered x-ray tech, is laying beside me, foaming at the mouth, about how ridiculous this is. She just spent the last several minutes ranting about the technical aspects of the x-ray. For instance, plant material doesn’t show on x-rays like that, for a leaf to show like this, it would have to be denser than your pelvic bone.

Myself, I just happen to know that you don’t get leaves where there isn’t any light. IF, and I mean IF, this man did indeed swallow a tomato seed, and it nestled into some fresh fertilizer in the mans colon, the most you would see is a vine coiling along his intestines as it looked for daylight. You wouldn’t actually get any leaves until the plant broke through to the surface and grew them. Even if, for some unknown reason, this plant decided to grow leaves while still technically underground, do you really think that they would be able to open up like this?

This is just a picture of a plant, poorly pasted on an x-ray. Trust me, I know something about poorly shopping images, and about having plants in your ass.

I'm just lucky this wasn't one of the ones that spit fire balls.

I’m just lucky this wasn’t one of the ones that spit fire balls.

I would like to say that this was George’s April Fools joke, but the man just isn’t that bright. He actually believes that this man has a tomato plant in his ass. George Noory sucks.