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This is why I don’t need feminism

If this is what feminism is about, then I don’t need it, and neither do you. Let’s be honest here, everybody knows that rape is bad. The same goes for any crime. Murder, theft, kidnapping, abuse, what ever the crime, people will still do it. You can tell everybody how bad these crimes are, but people will still do them.

Isn’t it just as smart to tell people how to avoid these crimes? Don’t people spend money on alarms and security services for their homes and cars? Do you keep stacks of money lying around your house, or do you have a safe or other secure place to put them and other valuables? According to this woman’s feminist logic, you should just leave your doors unlocked and spend that money on telling people not to steal instead. Sure, it’s a nice idea, right up until someone steals you stuff.

Wouldn’t you want to tell people who are new to the campus things they can do to avoid rape? Telling them to stay with a friend at parties, and to watch each other’s backs is now a bad idea? Letting people know about things like this, that can tell you if you are being slipped anything in your drink. Or even just telling people to watch their drinks to make sure that nothing get’s put in there in the first place.

Doesn’t it make sense to tell people how to protect themselves from rape like we do every other crime out there?

  • The problem is that rape is a crime where the victim is frequently blamed not the attacker. It is a crime of hate and violence. Do we try to tell business men that they are encouraging muggers by wearing good suits, nice shoes, or exiting a nice car. Unfortunately that tends to be the tone of rape prevention courses. A better response would be to create a safe environment where everyone was safe and offer safety escorts if necessary.

    • Adam

      Her sign mentions nothing about the course, just that it exists. If she is upset about specifics, she should have said so. Such as, “my school teaches that rape is a woman’s fault”. Otherwise, her sign is just as ridiculous as one that says, “My school teaches history, so i need feminism.”

      That also ignores that many crimes can indeed be avoided by the victim.

      That’s why you lock your doors at night. Its why you don’t leave your drink with a stranger at a bar. Its why you stay on lighted streets while walking after dark.