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Time Warner doesn’t see a need for gigabit internet

I want gigabit internet

640K ought to be enough for anybody.

Whether or not Bill Gates actually said that, it’s a quote that has haunted him for the last thirty or so years. Time Warner may have just stumbled into that same territory.

“We’re in the business of delivering what consumers want, and to stay a little ahead of what we think they will want,” she said when asked about the breakneck internet speeds delivered by Google’s young Kansas City network. “We just don’t see the need of delivering that to consumers.”…

“We’re already delivering 1 gigabit, 10 gigabit-per-second to our business customers, so we certainly have the capability of doing it.” The executive claims that residential customers have thus far shown little interest in TWC’s top internet tiers. “A very small fraction of our customer base” ultimately choose those options, she said. ~VIA The Verge

Now, one could look at this and agree, if the consumer doesn’t choose the gigabit package, then there obviously isn’t a demand for it. The truth though? When you go to their website, you are only offered a plan of up to 50mbps as a consumer, with a cost of $74.99. Anything faster, and you move to significantly more expensive business plans, so of course the average consumer doesn’t want to pay for that much bandwidth

Of course, Google seems to be doing pretty well with their gigabit fiber service (Which is cheaper than their competitors most expensive consumer package…). Hopefully they expand this to a nation wide service soon.