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Video games don’t make you kill

catcher in the rye Earlier in the week, there was a shooting in DC. Twelve people were killed by a mad man, and before they even got to the evening news, there were reports of violent video games. So what?

Everybody plays violent video games these days. Grand Theft Auto V just came out, and it made over $800 million the first day, that means that millions of people are playing that game right now. If anything, it’s going to lower the amount of violent crime because people are going to be inside playing it instead of robbing people. Video games don’t make people kill, being crazy makes people kill.

Correlation does not imply causation people. I bet many of the killers also enjoyed sugary cereals, ate fast food, or did any number of things that the average person happens to enjoy these days. Likewise, I’m pretty sure that other murderers over the years didn’t play violent video games. James Oliver Huberty killed 21 and wounded 19 long before we had anything that you would consider a violent video game. George Hennard killed 23 and wounded 22 a few years BEFORE Doom or Mortal Kombat were released. Then add in the fact that no credible study has ever shown a connection to violent media of any kind turning otherwise sane people into murderers.

What can be found when looking at all of the shootings, from Howard Barton Unruh, to Seung-Hui Cho, to Aaron Alexis, is that they are all crazy, and we failed in taking care of them. In this latest instance, Aaron Alexis was formerly in the Navy. He was found to be insubordinate, and should have been given a general discharge, but instead he was honorably discharged. He would be arrested multiple times for firing guns at people, at one time shooting the tires out on a car. He told the cops that he would get so angry that he blacked out. He was seeking help from the VA for mental issues, which included paranoia and hearing voices.

We knew this guy was crazy. We knew that he was going to eventually kill someone. So what did we do? We renewed his secret clearance and hired him as a contractor on a Naval base.

Let me repeat that. The man suffered from paranoia and voices in his head and was prone to rage induced blackouts during which he would have violent outbursts that included discharging firearms, AND WE GAVE HIM SECRET CLEARANCE!

How does this happen? If this guy hadn’t been killed by the cops, he probably would have spend a night in jail, received a slap on the wrist, and let go.

You want to stop mass killings, stop focusing on the guns and get these psychos off the damn streets. When there are warning signs, pay attention to them. How about some legislation that helps take care of people with severe mental illness?

Of course, I’m asking this of an administration that probably has me on a watch list while at the same time, falling over itself trying to find a way to arm terrorists in Syria, so maybe I’m asking a bit too much…

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