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Virtually Unlimited Breadsticks

Unlimited Quantum Breadsticks

This came up on my feed a couple of days ago.  Olive Garden appears to be another company that gets how social media works, and likes to have fun with their customers…

Or are they?

It’s a nice joke, right?  Everybody has a little laugh over Olive Garden breaking the laws of physics.  But what if the joke is only to cover the truth?  What if they actually do have unlimited breadsticks, and they don’t break a single law of physics.  But if that were true, then it means that they are more technologically capable than anybody else on the planet.

You see, at the quantum level, all kinds of weirdness can happen.  The smaller the particles, the weirder they get.  Take quantum tunneling for instance.  With quantum tunneling, if you fire enough electrons at a wall, somehow, a few of those electrons will wind up on the other side of the wall. Crazy, right? They don’t break the wall, or put holes in it, they just magically appear on the other side. Quantum tunneling won’t help make breadsticks though. What will help, are quantum fluctuations. What are quantum fluctuations, you ask, well let me tell you.

Space is a vacuum, right?  There’s nothing there, just emptiness and the occasional hydrogen atom.  But then Heisenberg had to come along with his uncertainty principle.

Quantum physics bitch!

Quantum physics bitch!

You see, according to Heisenberg, even in the vacuum, energy can change. With this change in energy, we can also get the creation of quantum pairs. Tiny, subatomic particle/antiparticle pairs called virtual particles. Generally, these particles pop into existence, and then almost instantaneously, cancel each other out and disappear. Sometimes, they don’t disappear though. For instance, there’s Hawking Radiation.  Hawking put forth that if a quantum pair appear at the event horizon of a black hole, it’s possible for one to get sucked in, leaving the other to float around in space all by itself. When that happens, this virtual particle doesn’t get canceled out by its partner, and in effect, becomes a real particle.

These types of things are actually pretty common at the quantum level. Not so much once you get to macroscopic level. If you throw a bunch of baseballs at a wall, they are all going to just bounce off. Likewise, while tiny virtual particles may pop into existence, you will never see a virtual baseball pair show up. It’s still possible for these things to happen with larger groups of particles, it’s just so highly improbably that you can pretty much bet on it never happening.

This is where the super science comes into play. What if the Olive Garden have found a way to harness these quantum fluctuations on the macroscopic level? What if they have found a way to create quantum pairs of virtual breadsticks, and in the instance that they appear, contain the antibreadstick half of the pair to keep it from canceling out the normal breadstick?

If they could do that, they could really have infinite breadsticks.