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What I want in a next gen console

Game SphereSony and Microsoft are both showing off their next gen consoles. Microsoft is taking a lot of heat for theirs, and rightly so. Charging people to play used or borrowed games, a camera that never turns off, and a requirement of being almost always online are all reasons for me not to buy one…

But what are reasons to buy a new console? Personally, I’m pretty much back to being a PC gamer, but there are some things that could draw me back to them. Consoles are nice after all. I’m not completely anti console, I just don’t like anything that I’ve seen about the new ones yet. What would make me interested you ask? Well…


The Games

I want to see games, lots of games.  Let’s see some shooters, maybe a flight sim, some party games, it doesn’t really matter, just give me a near endless parade of games.  Oh, and Microsoft, I don’t care if they are exclusives.  Bragging about a game being exclusive doesn’t mean anything.  Exclusive doesn’t mean good, they could still be shit, it just means you are the only company peddling this brand of shit.  Likewise, don’t think you can get away with pre-rendered videos.  I want to see some actual game play.

Speaking of which, the games need to start getting better.  I know you guys don’t actually make all the games, but maybe a little quality control on your end could stop some of the shit from getting out.  Maybe you guys could start telling publishers that you won’t let them put broken games out on your system.  Set up some rules to prevent things like DLC being already on the game disc, and then enforce them.

Speaking of DLC, that stuff can add up, why is the hard drive in the Xbox One only 500GB?  You want us to install every game that we play to the hard drive before we can play it, and you only give us a 500GB drive?  Games and DLC are getting bigger and bigger, then add movies and music, and that’s going to fill fast.  I wouldn’t put anything less than a terabyte drive, preferably two or three terabytes, into a console.

Then, start using that space.  I don’t want to play any more games where the main campaign is over in a couple hours, with maybe another hour if I get the DLC.  I want massive games.  Huge maps that span whole worlds and galaxies.  I want a multitude of enemies, not just pallet swaps of the same figure, and I want them all to have different attacks and tactics.  When I walk through a city, I want each guard to have a different face, their own name and personality.

These are supposed to be next gen games, so let me see some next gen action.

But that doesn’t mean that I don’t like old games either.  When I buy your new console, I’m probably going to buy one or two games.  That’s not much of a library, and I may want to play other games.  Shelf space is becoming a priority as entertainment centers are shrinking and disappearing as TV’s are being mounted on walls.  I don’t have room for extra consoles.  Even if your console is going to take the place of my DVD player, two Xboxes is going to take up a lot of retail space.  Unless there is a hardware reason for not letting me play old games, make it backwards compatible.  And if it is a hardware problem, make a more expensive option for those of us who want it.  Lack of backwards compatibility is one of the main reasons I never bought a PS3.  There are PS2 games that I love and would still be playing if I had a PS2.

Social Apps

I don’t mind social apps on my console, so long as they help improve the gaming experience.  Putting Facebook on a console doesn’t do anything for me.  I never read any of my wall posts on my Xbox, I did like the ability to find my friends easily though.  Take it a step further, let me post that I’m looking for a party from in the game.  Let me automatically record game play right on the console then edit it and upload to YouTube.  Focus all the social apps around gaming and sharing games with friends.

Other than that, you can leave the social apps out.  I have Facebook on my phone, tablet, laptop, and desktop, I don’t need you to build your new console around it.  I’m buying a next gen console, not a fancy new twitter box.


It’s hooked up to my TV, so if it can play movies, I’m going to consider it a bonus.  Put on Netflix, Hulu and all the other streaming services.  Let me stream things from my computer.  In fact, let me access the game play videos that I record and save them to my computer as well.

The Cloud

I have 7GB of cloud storage with SkyDrive, let me upload my saves or gamer profile there so I can easily access them if I’m visiting a friend.  Don’t make me drag around my hard drive like I do now.  Also, keep this OPTIONAL, don’t force me to have a good connection to keep uploading and downloading my saves and videos, that’s what the terabyte hard drive is for.  Then don’t make this a requirement.  I don’t want to have to worry about always uploading and downloading saves, I just want to be able to easily backup and move my files.  Not all internet connections are alike, I could never play an online game at my old apartment since the ISP they shackled me to sucked so much.

Things I don’t need

Cameras that you can’t turn off.  As most of my friends can probably tell you, I don’t wear pants at home.  When I walk in the door, the pants come off.  I don’t want to broadcast HD video of this fact to everybody on my friends list.

Motion and Voice controls.  Don’t get me wrong, they have their place, but they shouldn’t be forced down my throat.  Right now, I can’t use my Kinect for motion controls since the Xbox is in the bedroom.  I can still use the voice commands though, which means that when I’m playing Mass Effect 3, my girlfriend will constantly yell commands and have me throwing grenades all over the place.  In fact, since anybody can take over your Xbox using voice commands, I’d prefer that they don’t just automatically react to everything that they hear.

In fact, let’s keep the control simple.  You may look at the Wii as a reason to start selling to casual gamers and making a system that focuses on party games, but remember, all those people that bought a Wii, aren’t buying the Wii U.  The people that bought the Wii don’t care about getting next gen games or fancy new controllers, they already have their system, and they don’t see a reason to buy a new one.  As a gamer, I could see some uses for the Wii U’s fancy controller, but I don’t see it as a reason to buy the system.  As an optional accessory for some games, sure, but as the focus of the system, no way.


All I really want, is something that will play bigger and better games, anything else should be an added bonus, not the focus of the console.