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UVB-76 Rick Roll

Since the 70’s UVB-76 was a short wave radio station that would constantly play a buzzing sound, but at random times, it the buzzing may stop, and you would be greeted to people talking, or maybe some morse code. Yesterday, we were greeted by something a little unexpected though.

It started off with normal Russian chatter:

Then a bit later, something a little ridiculous happened:

Voice Recorder >>

For those of you that don’t want to sit through the whole thing, just skip to the 9 minute mark.

Now, there is some talk about this second recording and it’s legitimacy. First, it’s a rather silly thing for a Russian spy to play. Second, the buzzing continues through the whole thing, which is unusual. This leads many to believe that it’s actually someone trying to broadcast on the same signal to troll all the conspiracy nuts listening in. Plus, some people are already claiming to be the ones that pulled it off.

Just a little trolling

Was it real? Was it a prank? What were they saying in the first message? We’ll probably never know, but that’s the nature of the numbers station.

If you’ve never head of numbers stations before, you may want to look into them a little, it really is an interesting subject. You can download the Conet Project, which is a 4 disc set of recorded numbers station broadcasts, here. There’s some really freaky stuff that plays on them sometimes, even if you aren’t into conspiracies and stuff, they’ll make for an interesting read and listen on a rainy afternoon.

There’s even a few creepypastas about them, but honestly, listening to the real thing can be creepy enough.