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Why Assault Weapons Bans Are Pointless

We’ve had bans before, and our president has stated that he would like to see another ban put into place, and Diane Feinstein is ready to propose another one. But what do those bans actually do?  Take for instance, the two guns to the left.  The “legal” gun is a Mossberg 500, the same shotgun I own as well.  Now for the crazy part, the “illegal” shotgun, it’s the same gun.  What would make it illegal you ask?  Has it been modified to be full auto?  Is there a laser on it somewhere?  Maybe it has an ounce of cocaine hidden in the stock?  Nope, none of that.  The reason it would be considered illegal under the proposed assault weapons ban is because it’s got a pistol grip.  

The ban has nothing to do with what the capabilities of the gun actually are and only go after the cosmetics of the weapons.  Bans like this aren’t effective and will still be available.  Just like every other time they have tried doing anything like this.

The Tec-9 was put on a list of banned weapons in California, so Intratec, the manufacturer, made one cosmetic change, moving the placement of where a sling attaches to from the side of the gun, to the back.  They called this the TEC-DC9, with the DC standing for “Designed for California”.  When the Federal Assault Weapons Ban went into place, again making the TEC-9 illegal, they stopped making them with threaded barrels, removed the barrel shroud, and called it the AB-10.  The AB standing for “After Ban”.  The actual capability of the firearm didn’t really change.  It’s still the same damn gun.  Just like the shotgun above.

Much like the laws that we already have in place, only the look of the gun is actually effected.  The guns are all still semi-automatic.  They all still fire the same bullets.  It doesn’t matter where you attach a sling, or what kind of grip you have on it, changing the appearance doesn’t change the effectiveness, so why make them illegal.  In fact, barrel shrouds, as I said before, are actually a safety feature designed to keep you from touching the hot barrel, so in essence  this law would make the weapon more dangerous, but only to the person wielding it.
Speaking of  current laws on the books that don’t make any sense.  To the left is a Skorpion, it’s a semi-automatic pistol.  This gun is perfectly legal (currently).  But the company also sells a version that you have to have a special license to buy.  What’s the difference between the versions you ask?  Is the other version full auto?  Nope.

You see that metal piece on top of the bottom gun?  That’s a fold able stock.  That means that the bottom gun isn’t a pistol anymore, it’s a rifle.  Specifically, a rifle with a barrel of less than 16 inches.  The only change in the gun is the fact that it has a stock.  Both are semi automatic, both still fire the same .32 auto round.  But the bottom one requires paying a $200 additional tax to the BAFTE if you want to own.  Likewise, if you do own one, and decide you want to remove the stock, making it just a pistol, well, you go to jail.  The same if you buy the pistol without a stock and then add one later.

I know what you are thinking.  Those are some pretty scary guns either way, right?  Laws like this don’t effect people who want to just buy regular pistols, right?  Well, here is a Browning Hi Power with a stock.  It’s just a normal pistol, still fires the same round, but if you want to remove that stock, you’ll go right to jail.


But it works both ways too.  Take for instance, this AK 47 converted to a pistol format.  It still fires the same 7.62x39mm round that the rifle version fires, and it has a barrel that is a bit shorter than 16 inches, but it’s perfectly fine this way.  Want to put a stock back on it and, well, the BATFE will be after you.


It’s all pretty pointless really.  The real thing that they need to be looking after are the people that are crazy enough to shoot up schools and movie theaters, not go after the guns.  Guns by themselves don’t do anything bad, and guns in the hands of a law abiding citizen don’t go on murder sprees.  Likewise, banning guns won’t stop people from obtaining them.  Remember, every school shooting has taken place in an area where guns have been banned.  The theater in Colorado also had signs posted declaring that it was a gun free zone.  Guns were already banned there, but nobody really seems to want to talk about the effectiveness of the bans there.

Let’s also not forget that when guns aren’t doing enough, people that want to kill will still find ways to do so.  They used pipe bombs in Columbine, Timothy McVeigh used fertilizer, and Al Qaeda only needed box cutters.

Of course, more people have access to machining tools, and things like 3D printers become cheaper and easier to use, home made weapons will start to be on the rise as well.  So while they may be illegal, criminals and gangs will just be able to make them at home instead of buying them.